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Impact & Stories

Global events happening now and in recent years emphasize how our world needs purpose-driven organizations like YMCA of the Rockies, now, more than ever. We delight to see high schoolers spill out of yellow buses on property, set to attend a connecting retreat. People with diverse backgrounds and abilities exploring our hiking trails. Educational conferences gathering in meeting spaces both indoors and out finding inspiration. Families finding time and space to reconnect and create memories. International staff from over 25 countries make meaningful friendships and provided important cultural exchange.
With your help, we expand access to the resources, opportunities, and relationships that everyone needs to thrive. When you donate to YMCA of the Rockies, you make a meaningful contribution that helps create measurable impact in those we serve. Donate today, and together we can help young people develop into tomorrow’s leaders, improve well-being of those we serve, and develop a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.


  • Providing


    Families with Free or Discounted
    Stays for Healthcare Workers, Military and Foster Families, and more

  • Offering


    Students and campers
    Life-Enriching Experiences

  • Awarding


    In Camp and Outdoor
    Education Scholarships

  • Engaging


    Staff and Leadership with Leadership Opportunities and Productive Work Experience

  • Serving


    conferences of a Religious, Educational or Recreational Nature

  • Welcoming


    Guests Through Conferences, Vacations, and Youth Camps

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