Our YMCA Policies & Cancellations

We’ve put together an informative list of our policies, so you can know what to expect and enjoy yourselves from the moment you arrive at YMCA of the Rockies.


Cancellation Policy

Please review our cancellation policies prior to booking. Family reservation deposits are fully refundable up until the time periods outlined below. There are no refunds for late arrivals or early departures.

Lodge Rooms

  • From booking to 48 hours prior to arrival: Deposit is fully refundable.
    Less than 48 hours prior to arrival: No refund available


  • From booking to 14 days prior to arrival: Deposit is fully refundable.
  • 13-7 days prior to arrival: 25% of your deposit is forfeited as a cancellation fee.
  • 6 days or less prior to arrival: No refund available.

Change Policy

  • No fee for changes prior to arrival.


Our Diversity And Non-Discrimination Policy

The YMCA will welcome individuals, organizations, volunteers and staff of various backgrounds, perspectives, beliefs and experiences representing all dimensions of diversity. The YMCA will serve members and groups of various faiths and provide resources for Christian and spiritual growth for those who desire to participate.
YMCA of the Rockies will protect against any practice, activity, decision, or condition that discriminates on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, disability or any other status protected by law.

Alcohol & Smoking Policies

Alcoholic beverages are not sold on property. It may be consumed only in the privacy of your room, cabin, or group meeting space.

YMCA of the Rockies strives to provide a clean-air environment. Please respect our non-smoking policy in all facilities. We provide special fire-safe ashtrays in several outdoor areas designated for smoking.

Though allowed by law in Colorado, YMCA of the Rockies has a strict “no marijuana” policy that forbids the possession, use, and/or consumption of marijuana anywhere on our properties, in our facilities, or during participation in our programming. YMCA of the Rockies is a mission-driven organization whose core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, and Faith are best represented in an environment which excludes the use of marijuana. Thank you for abiding by our policy.


Member/Guest/Participant Behavior Standards

The YMCA is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members and guests. We ask all persons to act maturely, behave responsibly, and to respect the rights and dignity of others at all times when in our facilities, on our property, or participating in our programs or events.

YMCA Behavior Standards outline prohibited behaviors. This list is not all-inclusive, and the YMCA reserves the right to deny, suspend, or revoke access to any guest or group if, in the YMCA’s sole discretion, the actions/inactions of a person are detrimental to the health, safety, or enjoyment of its employees, volunteers, members, or participants.

  • Unlawful, abusive, derogatory, harassing, unwelcome, obscene or violent language or behavior towards others or themselves
  • Actions based on an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation or any other legally protected status
  • Openly carrying or concealing of any weapons, devices or objects which may be used as a weapon at a YMCA location or at a YMCA sponsored event or activity
  • Theft or behavior that results in the destruction or loss of property
  • Sexually explicit conversation or behavior
  • Loitering within or on the grounds

The YMCA conducts regular sex offender screenings on all members, participants, and guests. If a sex offender match occurs, the YMCA reserves the right to cancel membership, end program participation, and remove visitation access. In addition, the YMCA reserves the right to deny access or membership to any person who has been arrested for or convicted of any crime involving weapons, violence, sexual abuse, or the sale, possession, and/or transportation of illegal drugs. Please notify a YMCA staff person immediately if there is an accident, injury, unusual incident or you believe that this Code of Conduct is being violated.

Suspension or termination of YMCA membership may result from a violation of this Code of Conduct. While an incident is being investigated, the membership of the person(s) accused of violating this Code of Conduct may be temporarily suspended pending a final decision.

Photography and Videography

Personal photography and videography are strictly prohibited in YMCA locker rooms, restrooms, changing rooms, and childcare areas, unless authorized in advance. Professional and commercial photography and videography are strictly prohibited on YMCA property or at YMCA affiliated activities and events without prior written consent of YMCA’s Association Marketing and Communications Department. Professional and commercial photography is defined as any photography or videography taken for profit, professional gain, or any commercial purpose. Photos/videos are not permitted inside YMCA of the Rockies’ swimming pools.


Youth Policy

The YMCA of the Rockies believes that our mission starts at a young age and that youth should have access to our programs, facilities, and activities during their visit. Parents may choose for their child(ren) to visit the YMCA without adult supervision in accordance with the following youth policy, however parents and chaperones are responsible for the behavior, monitoring, and conduct of all children while using YMCA programs and facilities. We suggest an adult to child ratio no larger than 1:20 when using and participating in YMCA facilities and programs.

Ages 0-7
Households/Families are welcome to stay together and use the facility.
Use of the pool requires an adult in the water within arms’ reach.

Ages 8-12
Households/Families are welcome to stay together and use the facility.
Use of the pool requires an adult in the facility at all times. Swimming outside of the shallow zone is contingent on passing a YMCA Swim Test.

Ages 13 and Older
Youth have full use of programs and facilities.
Youth must have an adult sign waivers in advance, when necessary.
Facility usage is subject to following all posted and communicated information including but not limited to behavior standards, pool rules, and day camp policies.

Our Commitment to Child Safety

The YMCA of the Rockies is committed to keeping children safe in our community. This means educating ourselves and our community about child abuse and how we can work together to prevent it.
We are proud and respectful of the trust parents place in our YMCA. Our efforts in child protection aim to not only create programs that protect children from abuse but also create communities that are informed and ready to respond.

Creating a Child-Safe Environment
The YMCA of the Rockies stands committed to providing a safe environment to every person who visits our facilities and programs, most importantly children who are entrusted to our care. We have a series of measures in place to keep kids safe. Our child protection policies are developed using the Praesidium Safety Equation framework. Specifically, the YMCA:

  • Conducts annual criminal history and sex offender registry checks are conducted on staff and volunteers.
  • Conducts staff reference checks which include questions on the applicant’s suitability to work with children.
  • Conducts staff interviews utilizing behavioral-based questions.
  • Requires staff and volunteers to complete training on preventing, recognizing and responding to abuse. Staff go through refresher training annually.
  • Requires staff and volunteers to agree to our child safety code of conduct which includes rules such as:
  • Prohibits staff and volunteers from being alone with a child; interactions must be observable and interruptible.
  • Restricts staff and volunteer contact with children outside of YMCA programs (including babysitting, social networking,
    offering additional practices, etc.).
  • Provides acceptable and unacceptable physical and verbal interactions.
  • Require allegations or suspicions of abuse be reported to the proper authorities in accordance with Colorado law.
  • Provides anonymous ways for staff, volunteers, and the community to report rule breaking or concerns to senior leadership.
  • Overnight and day camps are accredited members of the American Camp Association.
  • We continually evaluate and improve our child safe practices by conducting an in-depth child abuse prevention self-assessment using YUSA evaluation tools.
  • Conducts screenings of YMCA members against the National Sex Offender Registry.
  • We share our policies with parents and the community to create a network that is equipped to know, see, and respond!

Pet Policy

We are pleased to offer accommodations for you and your pet(s). To ensure the comfort and safety of all our guests and employees, please review the following guidelines:

  • Pets are not permitted in reunion cabins, pet-free family cabins AND lodges, and enclosed public spaces such as meeting rooms, lobbies, and dining areas (not applicable to service animals.
  • Pets must be registered with the front desk upon arrival. Guests failing to notify the front desk prior to/during check-in will be charged the applicable non-refundable pet fee and any incremental cleaning charges (even after departure).
  • YMCA of the Rockies requires a non-refundable nightly pet fee of $25 per pet, per unit (maximum two pets) with a maximum pet fee of $250 per stay, $500 per calendar year. This fee is waived for stays at the Snow Mountain Ranch campground. This covers normal wear and tear and standard additional cleaning associated with pet usage.
  • Pets must be on-leash while on property and when outside a guest accommodation. They must be under the control of their owner at all times and pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet while on the YMCA of the Rockies’ property.
  • Pets should be current on all vaccinations; documentation must be immediately available upon request.
  • YMCA employees are not allowed to enter accommodations with an unaccompanied pet. If maintenance or maid service is required, please remove the pet from the accommodation. Please contact the front desk to arrange a convenient time for such services.
  • Should there be additional damages, each pet owner is 100% responsible and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless YMCA of the Rockies from all liability and damage suffered as a result of the guest’s pet. This includes but is not limited to guest accommodations, all public areas, corridors, and outside grounds areas.
  • If an accommodation is unusable due to damage from a guest’s pet, the guest whose pet is responsible for said damages will be responsible for any lost room revenue plus expenses incurred while the damage is being repaired.

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