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Columbarium Niches

Make a lasting memory and give your loved ones a place to be honored and remembered with a beautiful columbarium niche. A columbarium is a special, sacred place where friends and family may gather for remembrance and prayer.

  • Columbarium niches offer several advantages. They are sealed from moisture, which protects the urns and the cremains. They conserve land — offering a greener alternative — and they are typically more affordable. You don’t need to be a member of YMCA of the Rockies to purchase a niche.

  • Our columbariums will be maintained and honored. Your family and friends can make remembering you part of their tradition when they visit Estes Park Center or Snow Mountain Ranch. It’s a reminder of what was important to you in your life, which will be a comfort to your loved ones.

  • Purchasing a niche ahead of time guarantees your place. You could also reserve several niches for other family members, so you can be together. Planning ahead eases the burden on your loved ones in the future. Plus, a portion of your niche purchase is tax-deductible. While times may change, your spot in the columbarium can leave a lasting legacy for your family.

    Inquire about purchasing a columbarium niche by emailing [email protected].

    After your inquiry, an application will be sent to you via email for you to complete in order to reserve your niche.

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