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Things to Know Before You Go to Camp

  • Find everything you need to know as a parent, from our Cancellation Policy, Emergency Management, Food Allergies, and Leaving Camp Early, to Lost & Found, Meals & Snacks, Medications, and more.

  • Log into your online camp account to upload forms, change/update registration information, make payments, and access other resources.
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  • Please fill out and return the appropriate forms and waivers below to your online camp account.

    Access your online camp account here.

    • Clothing appropriate for changing weather; clothes that will layer – T-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, shorts under sweatpants. If your child is horseback/pony riding, he/she must wear long pants and sturdy shoes; boots are best. This is required to continue our ACA status.
    • It is guaranteed that your child will get dirty while at camp! Please send him/her in clothes for which this is OK! Please label all items for lost and found purposes.
    • Good sturdy shoes (please, no sandals or Crocs)
    • Rain gear (please, no umbrellas)
    • Water bottle
    • Sunscreen and hat
    • Swim suit in a plastic bag (if coming on swim day)
    • Lunch with a drink; lunches will not be refrigerated, so bring non-perishable items.
    • Day pack that the child can carry all day to hold all items; all children will carry their own packs.

    Please do not bring the following items:

    • Electronic equipment, radios, mp3 players, tablets, cellphones, cards/games, personal sports equipment
    • Extra money
    • Pets
    • Pocket knives, firearms, or weapons
    • Alcohol or drugs
  • At Day Camp, we enthusiastically pursue opportunities to welcome campers with special needs into the experience through our Inclusion Program. In recognition that the term special needs has many categories (physical, cognitive, emotional), each camper registration will be uniquely considered.

    Our intent is that campers with special needs be involved in the regular camp programming, meaning all programs are available for your consideration. More than that, it has been our experience that when a camper with special needs is in the group, that child often becomes instrumental in the bonding that happens among the group and sets the tone for a significant camp week for everyone in the group.

    When registering your child, you will have the opportunity to indicate if your child has special needs. Once you make this indication, you will be directed to a questionnaire that asks detailed questions which allow us to assess our ability to accommodate those needs. In some cases, our Coordinator for Campers with Special Needs may call or email to request further information.

    Many of the summer staff will have had prior experience working with children with a variety of special needs. This has become a quality we look for when hiring summer staff. These staff are eager for opportunities to have campers with special needs in their group. Our Coordinator for Campers with Special Needs will work with the counselor, equipping them with any skills or strategies for working with their campers, and will serve as a resource for the counselor throughout the week.

  • We are accredited by the American Camp Association and a State of Colorado licensed child care program.

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