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Your Tips to Success for Cabin Reservation

February 06, 2021

With a little preparation, your experience on non-member cabin reservation opening day should go smoothly!

YMCA of the Rockies is a special place visited by many people across the country every year.  Many of our guests visit because of the uniqueness of our locations, to adventure with friends and family, to learn from our educational activities, and for the home-away-from-home atmosphere. YMCA of the Rockies is not your average getaway in the mountains!

Our reservation system is also one of our unique aspects and with a little preparation and knowledge of how our reservations work, your experience on non-member cabin reservation opening day should go smoothly!

Read below to learn the basics of our reservation system and get answers to some of the frequently asked questions so that you can successfully make your cabin reservation.

Our Reservation Seasons:

YMCA of the Rockies lodging reservations operate on two seasons, winter/spring and summer/fall. Cabins and lodge rooms open to non-members for reservations for each season at different times:


Lodge rooms open for non-member reservations during this time period on July 1
Cabins open for non-member reservations during this time period on the first Wednesday in October


Lodge rooms, yurts (Snow Mountain Ranch only), campsites (Snow
Mountain Ranch only)
open for reservations during this time period on January 1
Cabins open for non-member reservations during this time period on the first Wednesday in April

Tip: Groups of 15 or more interested in booking lodge rooms or larger reunion cabins can book two years in advance through the Group Sales Department.

Availability of Accommodations:

Like any YMCA, we are a member-based organization. Our cabin donors and members receive first priority when making a reservation for each of the seasons before the general public. Overall, our accommodations can be booked at any time with plenty of availability, but cabin availability during the summer (late June – early August) and holiday periods may have very limited availability by the time reservations are open to the public.

Learn more about our Cabin Donor Program and read more about YMCA of the Rockies Membership.

Tip: Check the estimated availability calendars for Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch to plan ahead before cabin opening day and consider booking a lodge room during limited cabin availability periods. Cabins that accommodate 7 or more people are limited. Consider reserving multiple smaller cabins or supplement with lodge rooms. (Lodge room guests enjoy access to all the same access to amenities and activities and also enjoy two free breakfasts per night!)

Navigating Cabin Reservation Opening Day:

After our cabin donors and members have made their cabin reservations, we open our cabins to the general public:

  • Winter/Spring: Cabin Reservation Opening Day to Non-Members is the First Wednesday in October. This year that is Oct. 7.
  • Summer/Fall: Cabin Reservation Opening Day to Non-Members is the First Wednesday in April. In 2021, that will be Apr. 7.

On opening day, the general public may go online to make a cabin reservation starting at 6 a.m. MT or phone-in your reservation starting at 8 a.m. MT .

Do your research and be prepared before making your reservation on opening day:

  1. Check estimated availability calendars for Estes Park Center or Snow Mountain Ranch. These calendars will give you an idea of what cabin availability will be. The time period you want may already be booked or may not have consecutive room nights. Have alternative dates selected and ready.
  2. Minimum stays may be in effect. Learn more

Phone reservations:

Please be patient with us while on hold; we get hundreds of calls throughout the day, but especially when the phones first open! If you have been trying to call and have received a busy signal, our phone lines are at capacity. Please continue to try calling 888-613-9622 until a space has opened in our automated phone system. All calls received in the system are placed in a queue and calls will be answered in the order received. Due to the high volume of calls, you may be put on hold and wait times will be longer than normal. If you are in the queue, please do not hang up or you will forfeit your place in line to reach a reservationist. Only the reservation department will be able to book your reservation or answer questions about availability, you may also go online to make reservations.

Online booking:

During the busiest times of opening day, our online reservation system may reach capacity. Once at capacity, you will be placed “in line” in our online queue, please don’t leave the page you are on! You will automatically be sent to the reservation information once spots open. If you receive a message that sates, “Cannot book due to lack of consecutive room number availability”, we do not have consecutive room nights in the type of lodging you are requesting. Please try entering a different set of dates or a different type of cabin size, etc.

Tip: If you are booking an accommodation other than a cabin you are welcome to book lodge rooms, campsites and yurts before the cabin reservation opening day. If you are looking to book a cabin outside of holiday time periods, plan to book online to avoid long telephone on-hold times.

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